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Definition of SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If you’re putting together a marketing strategy and you’ve heard people talk about SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” and your question list looks longer than your grocery list; What does SEO offer? Is SEO worth it? What can SEO do for me? and more importantly How does SEO work? You’ve landed on the right company's website. You see, just by writing the first few sentences in this paragraph, we have done our job. Not making sense? By carefully selecting specific keywords or phrases and placing them in an order and density that makes sense so you the reader can understand the article, find the article when searching more easily and be more informed and enjoy the article more. The important part is that Google, Bing and Yahoo like the specific keywords that we’ve used and therefore our SEO Website will assist your website in jumping the ranks and appear on the first page of either Google, Bing or you get the point.

In Short SEO offers:



Makes your web pages and content more relevant to what people look for, ensuring people do not enter and then leave your website right away.

Rank Higher

Allows your website to be found easier by having higher rankings to what people search, SEO will rank you higher for relevant searches.

Improved Experience

Improves user experience and therefore may turn people searching for your service or product into clients and customers.

How do Search Engines work?

Each Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) has its own unique algorithm, which is the guidelines in which it validates, judges and ranks web pages. The search engines do not see a web page as you do, while you may see all the bells and whistles of the website, the search engine can only view the page source. 

The page source is a large wall of text that allows the search engine to completely analyze your website, it is this text that allows search engines to rank your website according to their algorithm.

Would you like to see what we are talking about? Take your mouse and right click on any webpage, on the menu that has now appeared click on "view page source" near the bottom and a new page should open up.

See all that text? That is the website laid bare, that is what the search engine sees and creates a copy of to store in their databases, and then whenever someone searches for something the search engine then looks at all this text from all websites related to that search and ranks them in a matter of instants.

Search Engines

  • Google - Everyone's favourite Search Engine, #1 Search Engine worldwide.
  • Bing - Microsoft's answer to Google, #2 of the big three Search Engines.
  • Yahoo - A leader in free email providers, #3 of the big three Search Engines.
  • AOL - Search Engine and Global Mass Media Company.
  • Ask.com - Search Engine and Massive Question and Answer Community.
  • Excite - Online Services Portal that provides Emails and Instant Messaging.
  • DuckDuckGo - Search Engine known for its Privacy Protection of its Users.
  • Yandex - Very popular Search Engine also a Russian Internet Company.

The Basics of SEO Explained

Onsite Optimization: This involves the placement of selected keywords and key phrases into the content, images, metadata, titles and URL of your web pages, with keywords and key phrases uniquely related to each page. This may seem simple but requires a certain degree of finesse to avoid over-optimization and penalties from search engines.
Offsite Optimization: Composed of creating adverts and business listings with custom graphics and uniquely written content to increase the exposure and visibility of your website.
Backlinking: When a website has a link and that link is directed to your website, search engines count that link as that website's thumbs up to the quality of your website. We contact the owners of websites similar to yours and offer to write them an article or a link from your site to theirs in exchange for a link from their site to yours.
Social Signals: We also write and post regular social media adverts and articles. This creates your website's social media presence and gives a face to the public of who you are.

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Online marketing is a relatively cost effective way to marketing your business compared to traditional advertising. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO), and also offer Google AdWords as well as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. View our packages by clicking on the service you’re interested in. Contact us for a free quote.
Our co-founder Shaun always has this to say; “How long is a piece of string?” We charge you per hour spent building your website, some websites take a few hours to build and some take weeks and some even have no end date at all – just constant build. Tell us what you want and we’ll give you a quote?
We build CMS websites; this literally means Content Management System, giving you full control of the backend. So if you want us to show you how to upload a new image to your website, or to write a new blog article or even to change your background we can. Giving you piece of mind that you have all the control.
Yes, not only do we build you a CMS website, but we can build your app for you too. We have iOS and Android developers at hand who will design and build a wicked looking app.
Online marketing should not be your only way to market, you should be marketing through other traditional channels too, we specialise in online marketing though, so take our advice when we say online marketing is far more cost effective and your returns will speak for themselves. We wrote a blog about it, check it out.
We don’t have sticky contracts that keep you handing over money to us for no reason; we’ll sign you up on a monthly basis meaning you have no obligation to stay with us. If you’re unhappy tell us and we’ll cancel the contract. In online marketing, there are no guarantees, but we give you comprehensive reporting to tell you exactly how your money is being spent
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