Google Online Advertising South Africa

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Google Advertising South Africa

Let us at JumpRanks, provide Google Online Advertising in South Africa and can market your website on Google and any other search engine for you. JumpRanks is the last advertising agency you will ever need.

STEP 1: JumpRanks creates your Google AdWords Advert and your ads begin to show in Google search results.

STEP 2: Consumers perform searches on Google, click your ads and visit your business website.

STEP 3: They engage with your brand and turn into leads for your business!

As soon as a user clicks on your advert an amount of cash is taken from your budget. You set yourself an AdWord budget and when this is capped you have the option to top-up. To make it easier to follow – AdWords is a Google advert on the Google page, that’s it.

Google Adwords Digital Advertising and PPC Marketing Services done by Jump Ranks

Adwords Partner

Our Digital Marketing Company works in conjunction with Google, creating an account for your company, you then select the budget and we will run a keyword analysis making certain that what is used is extremely relatable and most importantly a keyword or key phrase that is searched for frequently. We keep our finger on the pulse and take care of all reporting so you can focus on running your business. An AdWord campaign is a great way to be seen on Google and to be in complete control.

PPC Partner

Now PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising or CPC (Cost Per Click) are close family members to AdWords as well as to search engine optimization these are all founded on keywords and key phrases. A Pay Per Click advert is a banner advert that will appear on a website related to your forte. If you were on an online directory site like OLX and you searched for jobs, you probably will see a banner advert of a recruitment agency or a large corporate advertising their career’s website. Every time someone clicks on your advert you are charged. 
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