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Social Media Management Services

Since Social Media exploded in the mid-2000's it's become a mainstay for everyone online to have a page to call their own. The best place for a company to connect on a personal level to their customers is via a social media page. Yet many business owners do not have the time to manage their social media so let Jump Ranks take control of your accounts with our Social Media Management Services.

Duty of a Social Media and Community Manager

A community manager will run your social media campaigns. By discussing a budget to boost your Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or Twitter Postings a community manager will select an audience who are potentially interested in your service but just don't know about you yet. Who has the time to upload an interesting article every day? How can you know that what you are sharing isn't offensive, annoying or spam? What about offensive and foul language on your comment section? Have you ever received abuse on your page? Do you know how to set up a marketing campaign to target your specific audience on facebook? A community manager will spend time making sure all of the above is done properly. With knowledge of your company, an organised posting schedule, and research, a community manager will run your social media pages to keep them looking business-like and professional. 

Our Community Managers' Promise

If your company is already on social media, let us take over the running of it. With targeted content in your niche, our posts will be relevant, informative, and interesting to your followers. With constant attention and monitoring of data, our community managers will ensure your social media is attractive, growing, and saying the right message.

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