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Jump Ranks offers Google Adwords and PPC Marketing Services. A Google AdWord Marketing Campaign is a way to advertise your business on google by way of a simple and short advert at the top of the search. You set yourself an AdWord budget and when this is capped you have the option to top-up. Typically a user will search for your niche service, for example, “Electrical Contractors,” your AdWord campaign will advertise your page at the top of google making it easily accessible and first of view on google. When a user clicks on your advert an amount of money is taken from your budget. When your budget is capped you can always top-up. To recap and to make it easier to follow – AdWords is a google advert on the google page, that’s it.

Google Adwords Digital Advertising and PPC Marketing Services done by Jump Ranks

Jump Ranks Your Adwords Partner

We work in tandem with google and create an account for you, you select your budget and we will run a keyword analysis and make sure that what we use is highly relatable and more importantly a keyword or key phrase that is searched for a lot. We’ll take care of all the reporting and keep you in the loop.

An AdWord Campaign is a great way to be seen on google and to be in complete control. You will see the results and your ROI (Return On Investment).

PPC Digital Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) is similar to AdWords and search engine optimisation in the sense that it is all based on keywords and key phrases. A Pay Per Click advert is a banner advert that will display on a website related to your niche. If you were on an online directory site like gumtree and you searched for jobs, you’re very likely to see a banner advert of a recruitment agency or a large corporate advertising their career’s website. Every time someone clicks on your advert you are charged.

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