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Copywriting Services or Content Writing is the space between the lines, it’s the story that you’re telling; it’s the body of the creative writing essay. It’s your main article – it’s what got people on your website in the first place. Feed their curiosity with good, honest and insightful content and not only will searchers love you but so will the Search Engines.

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The content on your website has to be specific to your niche. If you’re a plumber then your content should reflect this. Your articles generate Page Authority, which means the Custom Content or Text you’ve written is helpful to the person reading the article. By sourcing external columns or blogs from respected people in your industry you also show that you’re giving more insightful knowledge. Google loves this!

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Let’s take Michael, he has an electrical contract business. Michael’s website looks amazing, but the pages are all generic. He has a home page, a contact us page and that’s about it. Why would anyone who is looking for an electrician call him?
If Michael had an article about electrical clearance certificates and you were looking for this exact thing, you’re more likely to give Michael a call and request a quote. That’s what we do as a Copywriting Company, we’ll write your articles for you.
We use our SEO analysis and our SEO software to see what people are looking for in your industry and write the best article for your website. How can you afford not to use us?

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